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    The Journey — event

    Biggest Event!

    Long time since I've done a post, I'm sorry, a lot has happened.

    Supanova is around the corner, and I have had a lot of time to plan the event which means what will my booth look like? what will I have to sell? and importantly how much?

    It has been hard, and lots of thinking and putting funds aside for the event. Now this is the biggest thing to organise. The tees are ready, I have 3 exclusive designs ready and will be available on the day. I also have organised an exclusive product which comes in 3 different variations. When i say exclusive I actually mean it won't be sold online but only in person.

    Small seeds have been planted online, Instagram and Facebook has been given sneak peaks of our new products and more to come leading to the big day.

    I will say though, I am different to most of my competitors out there, slightly unique.
    And I am learning every day. 

    I hope I get to see you at Supanova Melbourne, please say Hi!

    PS. all my customers that come to visit will get an exclusive discount on products purchased from my online store.