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    The Journey

    The Experience After Supanova (long time coming post)

    Sorry for the Delayed post, we have been a tad busy.

    Once the dust settled from Supanova, we gained some tips on how we can improve. Sure we still have left over stock that we are trying to sell off, and with this we can expect to bring more fun tees to our next event.

    And that we did, the next event we went to was Nerdmania. I was at my other job, which is my full time position where I received a message from the organisers of the Nerdmania event. They had invited me to the weekend to sell my tees, my uniquely designed tees that they wanted to add to their exhibitor list. I was intrigued, and it was cheaper to set up as well. 

    So we travelled to Shepparton, rented out a room for 2 nights and set up our stall. At first we had squeeze at our competitors, after an hour we learnt that we had to adapt to the environment and the customers. So we lowered our prices and all of a sudden we sold out. Which tees do you think was a hit? Well it was nothing we had at Supanova, in-fact I got the tip from another organiser, but he was from Melbourne Comic Con. We really liked our Mario Deadpool tees. So i printed out a few and took them to Nerdmania, we sold out of them within a few hours. 

    After that event subsided, I really wanted to sell more in person. Unfortunately I missed out on the Bendigo Con and the Ballarat show. 

    Perhaps next time. 

    We are hoping to be at the GO Market in February-March.

    Otherwise our next major event will be Supanova but we will be prepared, we will upgrade our plans and we are planning to have our stall in the exhibitors hall. 

    What are we doing in the mean time?

    Well we launched our biggest sale, which was Black Friday, where we had 20% off and our email subscribers received 25% off. Besides our Boxing Days sale, we are hoping to have a few combo promotions.

    In other news well, we will leave that for the future!

    Biggest Event!

    Long time since I've done a post, I'm sorry, a lot has happened.

    Supanova is around the corner, and I have had a lot of time to plan the event which means what will my booth look like? what will I have to sell? and importantly how much?

    It has been hard, and lots of thinking and putting funds aside for the event. Now this is the biggest thing to organise. The tees are ready, I have 3 exclusive designs ready and will be available on the day. I also have organised an exclusive product which comes in 3 different variations. When i say exclusive I actually mean it won't be sold online but only in person.

    Small seeds have been planted online, Instagram and Facebook has been given sneak peaks of our new products and more to come leading to the big day.

    I will say though, I am different to most of my competitors out there, slightly unique.
    And I am learning every day. 

    I hope I get to see you at Supanova Melbourne, please say Hi!

    PS. all my customers that come to visit will get an exclusive discount on products purchased from my online store.

    The Rush

    Christmas Rush has been an experience not to forgot, but to learn from.
    What has been worked on since then? What is coming? Lots of thinking has gone into all of our ideas.

    Read more

    Down the Road

    After going to PAX 2017 I've learnt a lot from my competitors. Some were highly expensive and another made me a little confused. Ok, from these findings I'm still the cheapest.

    Another thing to note I have added another addition to the family of tees. We now offer our current line, the Premium, it's still a t-shirt I'd get people to buy just because of the quality and lightness. The second is that we added a t-shirt that is only a .10 heavier. Not much difference but our premium has a reputation to keep.

    Black Friday is just around the corner and I'll say that I'm ready for it. I've been adding a few more designs to give customers a better choice. Save 15% for items over $50 in total. That's my biggest offering yet. One thing to note is that I added singlets and tank tops, best for summer! show off our cool designs in the heat.. or the gym.

    Looking down the road I've been thinking to showcase my tees at conventions.


    I've learnt a lot along the way, and it has been nearly 2 months since I have started my own store. PAX is only a few days away, I printed three t-shirts to create awareness of my brand.
    I really wanted an army to walk around the convention but the idea didn't get that far. There's lots of costs involved. I actually contacted the marketing team, and they said the only way to spread the word was to have my own stall. I can't really afford paying $7000 for a day. Perhaps next year!

    In the last few weeks, I have added the Facebook store, and enabled purchasing through Messenger. Next, fingers crossed is the integration with Ebay!

    My next big project is launching my new website, an overhaul packed with new features.
    This will launch hopefully at the start of December. 

    I'm also thinking about adding a second category to my catalog, premium t-shirts and regular t-shirts (affordable tees and my current products with a slight price increase to set them apart). And finally my last product category will be the KIDS line. But it's still in early stages.